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The journal has strong back up of large editorial review board, founding members, president, advisors and associates.

We invite and encourage worldwide research community to submit articles that involve either conceptual proposition, detailed review of literature, empirical research, review of current trends or combination of these or all.

These articles would serve the purpose of creating, infusing and disseminating new knowledge, skills, expertise and broader research scope among practising academics, managers, research students and other stakeholders in the society such as universities or governments.

We are strong believers of both qualitative and quantitative approaches towards research and welcome the use of innovative research strategies or combination of methods.

All research articles submitted to this journal should be of high quality and standards and should satisfy the criterion of novelty, originality and contribution with possible immediate applications of findings.

This journal will be published online on this research institute’s website, however there could be special topic or theme based issues for which information will be displayed here on the journal.

We invite or ‘Call for Papers’ in following subjects for this journal.

    Aerospace Engineering
    Chemical Engineering
    Civil Engineering
    Computer Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Electronics Engineering
    Instrumentation and Control Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Production Engineering
    Research Methods in Engineering

ISSN number for this journal has been applied for. There will be three issues published per year in April, August and December as shown

Volume 1 Issue 1 April 2018 (first issue)
Volume 1 Issue 2 August 2018
Volume 1 Issue 3 December 2018
Volume 2 Issue 1 April 2019